Selected Sound Works

Animals Jump (2023)

A sonic  narrative  performed at    the  House of  Music in Budapest in April 2023. The story narrates the   continuation of  Georg Orwell’s Animal    Farm.  novel in     a   hundred  years after  the   rebellion.  Pigs have   established a kingdom of tyranny, and their descendants have   been  raised  in    absolute prosperity,  built on others’   labor.    Yet their monarchy seems more precarious than ever.

character design: Golnoush Setoudeh

10’ in the canebrake (2023)

A sound installation, based on the  Neyzaar massacre in 2020, which happened in the south of Iran. Most of the sounds are extracted from the only footage left from the incident, then distorted and adapted to the piece. The piece was exhibited at SoundsAbout Gallery, Berlin.

The Lighthouse (2020)

Is  a  sonic narrative produced  in  2020   and  published online, about the conditions related to Covid-19 and social distancing. The sounds used in the piece are  mostly   house objects’ sounds.

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